Will Congress be able to prevent a 2024 government shutdown? Lawmakers declare a deal, but it’s not final

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about government shutdown. Congress leaders have come to an agreement on a funding deal to avoid a government shutdown, which could cause harm to millions of Americans. Negotiations reached a $1.66 trillion spending deal for keeping the government doors open in 2024, encompassing $886.3 billion in defense spending and $772.7 billion in non-defense domestic spending.

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This mirrors the agreement reached during last year’s tense debt ceiling negotiations between President Joe Biden and former House Speaker “Kevin McCarthy” of California.

Will Congress be able to prevent a 2024 government shutdown? Lawmakers declare a deal, but it's not final

However, the crisis is not over yet for Congress and the nation. The full House and Senate still need to pass the agreement, and it must reach Biden’s desk before the government shutdown begins.

Funding for federal transportation programs, housing and food initiatives, and other resources is set to expire on January 19. A two-week extension is granted for health and human services, commerce, labor, state, and defense departments, expiring on February 2.

A government shutdown would mean all officials and federal agencies deemed “non-essential” would have to cease operations. Thousands of federal employees could be furloughed, potentially affecting nutrition benefits and other programs that Americans rely on, even if they don’t work directly for the federal government.

In November, Johnson, in an effort to avoid a government shutdown, passed the latest funding extension with more Democratic votes compared to Republican support. He faces the possibility of issuing additional cuts before endorsing any deal supporting a trade, a demand he made during last year’s budget battle.

Johnson acknowledged in a letter to House members that not everyone would be satisfied with the agreement, stating that they do not cut as much as many would like. Still, he referred to the deal as “the most favorable budget agreement secured by Republicans in over a decade.”

Will Congress be able to prevent a 2024 government shutdown? Lawmakers declare a deal, but it's not final

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, on Sunday, emphasized that the funding agreement “lays the groundwork for Congress to work over the next few weeks to prevent unnecessary government shutdowns and protect essential national priorities.”

In a statement on Sunday, Biden said, “The framework takes another step in the direction of stopping unnecessary government shutdowns and protecting vital national priorities.” However, he issued a warning that “congressional Republicans should do their job, stop threatening to shut down the government, and fulfill their basic responsibilities.”

A handful of Republican senators, after coming out on top in September to prevent a government shutdown by following the path set by former McCarthy, voted with Democrats to keep them at transparent.

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