Why Papa John’s Restaurant to pay $175,000 for Settlement Read More to know what settlement happens….

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about “Why Papa John’s pay $175,000 for the settlement claim from blind former worker. The 4th largest pizza delivery chain in the country, in 2020, has announced that it will spend over $100,000 to address allegations of discrimination against disability brought by a newly hired employee.

Papa John's Restaurant to pay $175,000 for Settlement

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According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Papa John’s will pay $175,000 to Michael Barnes, a former employee who is visually impaired, was evicted from housing, and was terminated before even starting work on a single shift.

This action can affect the American with their Human rights (Disabilities Act), According to this Act ,provides for both preventive and promotional aspects of rehabilition including employment, transportation, public housing, and programs and services of state and local government.

Not allowing blind and visually impaired individuals the opportunity to travel to work in this manner, which provides them with confidence and independence, is equivalent to telling those with driving flexibility and reliance on freedom that they cannot travel to work by car,” said Carla Gilbride, EEOC’s General Counsel.

Apart from the compensation, Papa John’s has agreed to train its employees on the American with Disabilities Act, review its employment policies, and allow EEOC to monitor complaints of discrimination or retaliation, as announced this week.

Reason for the Case Against Papa John’s Started?

According to EEOC, Barnes applied for a job at a Papa John’s Pizza restaurant in Athens, Georgia, in the beginning of 2020 when he heard from a friend that the company hired visually impaired individuals.

Papa John's Restaurant to pay $175,000

He contacted the store manager and became qualified to apply for a vacant position in the store. Barnes, who relies on a service dog for assistance due to his legal blindness, had to have his housing request formally approved by the company.

According to EEOC, Papa John’s not only refused Barnes to bring his service dog to work but also fired him before he could start working.

To avoid further litigation and expenses, the parties have decided to settle the case in this way, shared Papa John’s spokesperson with USA Today.

Papa John’s is proud to be a People First company where everyone is included. According to the company ,as an employer, we providing equal opportunities for all members of our team , including disabled individuals, to obtain equal opportunities and maintain a diverse and inclusive culture and become a familier environment .

Papa John’s has committed to compensating Barnes financially and providing other forms of relief over the next two years to resolve the dispute.

“EEOC protects disabled workers by ensuring employers provide appropriate accommodation for equal opportunities for disabled workers to work. EEOC is pleased that Mr. Barnes has been compensated and that the company has agreed to implement training and assess its policies to prevent such discrimination from happening again,” said Marcus J. Keegan, regional attorney for the EEOC’s Atlanta District Office, in the announcement.

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