Why Chris Christie withdraws from the 2024 presidential contest ?

Welcome to our new post in this we talk about Chris Christie withdraws . The most vocal opponent of Donald Trump, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, withdrew from the 2024 presidential contest on Wednesday and issued a dire warning about his influence on the outgoing president and the country.

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Speaking to fewer than 100 voters at a New Hampshire event, Christie stated that he is “in this race to tell the truth but It’s not easy,” he said, underscoring the challenge of transforming the nation and the party which is not easy ,the moment I got into this race, the decision I made was actually simple.I would much rather lose by speaking the truth than succeed by lying.”

Why Chris Christie withdraws from the 2024 presidential contest ?

Christie said, “I am very much sure, in any way Donald Trump is not the president of the United States again.” He continued, “And this is more important than my personal ambition.”

Christie did not personally support any opponent, but his withdrawal might help Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor, who has been making progress against Trump in a number of New Hampshire polls.

Some of her supporters in a recent poll expressed willingness to switch their support to Haley if Christie were to drop out. Without Christie in the race, Trump would lead Haley 47% to 32%, according to the survey.

Why Chris Christie withdraws from the 2024 presidential contest ?

Christie declined to support any opponent, but his withdrawal might attract more backing from Republican rivals who are still in the running. Political observers believe that former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, who has been gaining ground on Trump in a number of New Hampshire polls, may gain from Christie’s withdrawal.

Recently, in a NewsBuzzr/Boston Globe/Suffolk University poll, a significant portion of Christie’s supporters said they would back Haley, though not all. The survey indicated that without Christie in the race, Trump would lead Haley 47%-32%.

However, Christie’s departure led to him withdrawing his support for Haley. On Wednesday, he was caught on a hot mic saying, “I’m getting smoked,” just minutes before announcing the suspension of his 2024 White House bid.

During his Wednesday remarks, Christie took a more direct aim at Haley, saying to the crowd, “Benjamin Franklin’s words have never been more relevant in America than they are right now. The last time they were this relevant, it was a civil war which, by the way, we know was caused by slavery.” Haley faced criticism last month for referencing slavery in relation to the Civil War.

Despite their differences, Haley still commended Christie in a post shared on Twitter, stating, “Chris Christie and I have been friends for many years. I commend him for running a hard-fought campaign.”

Not all Republican leaders celebrated Christie’s decision on Wednesday. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shared a post on Twitter taking a swipe at Haley over Christie’s comments, stating, “I agree with Christie that Nikki Haley is ‘smoked.'”

Trump also reacted to Christie’s withdrawal, sharing a post on his Truth social platform, saying, “I hear Chris Christie is dropping out of the race today – I might actually like him again!” Meanwhile, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy told NEWSBUZZR, “Better late than never.”

Former GOP presidential candidate Will Hurd, who had supported Haley after her withdrawal from the race, told Newsbuzzr that they “applaud Christie’s endorsement.” He acknowledged it as a tough decision but the right call, saying, “He cares about the country’s future, and what we know about Biden and Donald Trump isn’t good.”

With Christie’s exit just a day before, former prosecutor and New Hampshire’s other GOP candidate, Bill Weld, had expressed his admiration for Christie, stating that they “appreciate Christie’s endorsement.” Weld sees it as a tough decision but the right one, emphasizing Christie’s concern for the nation’s future amidst the challenges posed by both Biden and Donald Trump.

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