Famous Singer “Selena Gomez” got a kiss from Someone Special know who was that special….

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about ,who kiss Famous Singer Selena Gomez .” Selena Gomez” Who also a famous Singer celebrated Taylor Swift’s 34th birthday by posting an entirely new picture of the superstar besties on Wednesday (December 13). In the mirror selfie, Gomez is seen affectionately kissing Swift’s head.

Famous Singer "Selena Gomez" got a kiss from Someone Special

Captioning her Instagram story, Gomez wrote, “Happy birthday to that queen @TaylorSwift,” with “I love you” written over the picture.

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Looking at their outfits – Swift in a plaid miniskirt and olive-green ribbed sweater, and Gomez in a matching snakeskin miniskirt and a jacket with a black turtleneck – the picture was taken during a night out in Brooklyn for Remy Yusuf’s comedy show on Friday, which also included Joe Kravitz, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Cara Delevingne.

Famous Singer "Selena Gomez" got a kiss from Someone Special

Swift celebrated her birthday on Wednesday by giving fans a gift with the digital release of her Era Two Tour film. She wrote on Instagram, “Spent the best times of my life fighting dragons with you. Celebrate my 34th by watching The Era Two Tour (deluxe edition) including ‘Long Live,’ ‘The Archer,’ and ‘Wildest Dreams’!”

Ending her message – which included emojis for each song title – Swift wrote, “PSA to those who think I use too many emojis and the only) a thousand years is something to be proud of, and b) it’s my birthday, and today I’m allowed to indulge!”

Meanwhile, the Society, dedicated to combating cruelty to animals in Swift’s home state of Pennsylvania, called on fans to donate $13 in honor of her favorite cause for her 13th birthday. The caption reads, “To honor Taylor and to help those animal shelters that have had particularly difficult years, not only for our life-saving mission but also to support efforts nationwide.

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