Unsuccessful ending of the Bucks by the 76ers with a minimum Score

In the interesting opening season, the 76ers were victorious over the Bucks with a pointed score of 118-117 and secured victory in the last 90 seconds which is remarkable. When the Bucks led by 7 points in a court an amazing sight unfolded on the court.

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However, what happened next was nothing short of extraordinary: Damian Lillard pulled off a game-changing move. Facing off against Kelly Oubre Jr., Lillard dismissed any potential screeners and opted to work in isolation, taking on three competitors and sinking a five-point cushion shot for the 76ers’ victory.

ending of the Bucks by the 76ers

Lillard’s debut season game for Milwaukee was marked by an immediate contribution, as he scored 39 points, including four three-pointers and making 17 free-throw attempts. Giannis Antetokounmpo, who had a challenging time, managed to score 23 points while playing against tough defense.

Despite their impressive 118 points, the Bucks’ attack on Thursday didn’t always look great. In the second quarter, there was a struggle when Lillard was called out for a run, contesting Milwaukee’s high horn set on multiple possessions in a row. Otherwise, the half-court attack appeared somewhat lackluster. Those anticipating a feast of Dame-Giannis pick-and-rolls were left wanting more as Milwaukee worked to involve other screeners and actions. Most of the attacks ended with aggressive attempts and turnovers.

However, the Bucks needed Dame for those final moments. In the past, when the offense stalled, the expectation was for Giannis to crash into the defense’s wall, going one-on-five to make something happen. In the closing minutes, Lillard either pushed the 76ers’ defense into the half-court or created his own shot, providing the 76ers with a comfortable five-point cushion.

The second quarter’s expansion was crucial. Adrian Griffin challenged Lillard and Antetokounmpo significantly in their first game, and it is expected to continue through the post-season. The second units led by Dame give the Bucks a chance to make a push, while Giannis can be reduced to maintaining just one block, as he did on Thursday, significantly contributing to Milwaukee’s nine-point lead at halftime.

ending of the Bucks by the 76ers

Things weren’t perfect, but at the start of the season, they couldn’t have hoped for better. Khris Middleton only played for 16 minutes, and Griffin will likely continue to tinker with the rotations, especially regarding the fifth starter. (In the first game, it was Malik Beasley.)

In the months to come, opponents will likely be more creative in their attempts to attack Lillard defensively. However, Milwaukee will undoubtedly remain unfazed by that thought process. For now, if you need any clarification on why Milwaukee made this move, Lillard provided some compelling arguments in his very first real game. When everything else fails for the Bucks, Dame can deliver a big bucket, much like very few other players in the league.

ending of the Bucks by the 76ers


The 76ers’ season opener against the Bucks was a rollercoaster ride, filled with suspense and a stunning victory in the final moments. Damian Lillard’s exceptional performance made all the difference, securing a well-deserved win for the 76ers. With his ability to take on tough defenders and make crucial plays, Lillard proved to be a game-changer. As the season progresses, it will be fascinating to see how the Bucks adapt to defend against Lillard’s creativity .

It is not unremarkable by the audience who has seen the whole match from starting to the end point while the Bucks looser party who is not winning the game wiil be surrprised in their future also that thay loose that big game with only 1 point , if they well played and take only 1 point that have chances to win the trophy

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