Shaun King Silenced by Meta on Instagram Over Pro-Palestinian Activism

Welcome to our new post in this post guys we talk about the Shaun King Silenced by Meta on Instagram Over Pro-Palestinian Activism .Meta has banned social justice activist Shaun King from Instagram, claiming that his account was disabled because he posted support for Palestinians in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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Before Meta removed his account from its ownership platform on the evening of Christmas Eve, King had over five million users on the platform, where he advocated for movements like Black Lives Matter. Meta’s spokesperson stated in an email, “The account was disabled for violating our policies that praise multiple prohibited organizations“.

Shaun King Silenced by Meta on Instagram Over Pro-Palestinian Activism

The spokesperson did not specify the violations, but Meta has been under investigation since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. The investigation claims that the platform “does not allow the praise, support, and representation of various dangerous organizations and individuals.”

Earlier this month, a report from Human Rights Watch urged Meta to improve its policy, pointing out a “pattern of increased censorship” around content supporting Palestinians. The report highlighted instances where Meta removed posts or restricted the reach of content that was critical of Israeli actions.

On Monday, King posted a video and statement on his Facebook page claiming that the platform had banned him online for “fighting for Palestine.” King wrote, “Sources inside Meta have told me that they are monitoring my IP address and will remove anything I say. Facebook, which is owned by Meta, is doing this.”

He said that he plans to explore all possible ways to bring back his Instagram account. In his Facebook statement, he wrote, I have appealed formally, but now Meta also has lawyers with the Civil Rights Division on standby to move forward with lawyers.”

In his Facebook statement, King assured people that he is “safe” and hopes that his Instagram platform will serve as a cover for Palestinians documenting their plight within Gaza and the West Bank, protecting them from losing their accounts.

Shaun King Silenced by Meta on Instagram Over Pro-Palestinian Activism

He stated, “I deny collaborating in genocide and war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank by remaining silent about them and by denying my values and principles. You can never say words wrong about genocide. You can never say words wrong about war crimes. You should tell the truth in the face of power in every way you know.”

King has been a controversial figure online, facing repeated allegations of mishandling funds raised for charitable purposes and making false claims about his racial background. The hashtag #BlockShaunKing has resurfaced online, first trending over two years ago when prominent Black Lives Matter activists called him out for alleged misconduct. While some expressed support for King’s pro-Palestinian stance, others criticized him, questioning his intentions and credibility.

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