Mike Johnson’s shake hands in order to prevent a government shutdown frustrate conservatives

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about Mike Johnson’s shake hands in order to prevent a government shutdown . The conservative backlash against the handshake deal of Speaker Mike Johnson to avert the government shutdown has ignited frustration among House Republicans, particularly the staunch conservatives.

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This anger comes at a time when Congress, within less than 10 days, has been ticking down the clock to avert a partial government shutdown.

The most conservative members of the House, who had initially supported Johnson for his significant win last year in securing the speaker position for the conservative bloc, have expressed various negative reactions, ranging from disappointment to explicit anger, towards Johnson’s deal to fund the government.

One Congressman, Representative Chip Roy from Texas and a member of the House Freedom Caucus, rejected the deal, refusing to support Johnson in relinquishing his position as the “Table on the Floor” host in a conservative talk show on Tuesday.

Others refrained from indicating whether they would support the proposal to vacate or not, but they still expressed dissatisfaction with the deal, citing a lack of significant cuts in spending that conservative members had been demanding for an extended period.

“He never got what he’s doing right now. Never. Nobody would ever get it,” said Representative Warren Davidson of Ohio to Newsbuzzr, asserting that the deal “certainly wasn’t the plan that was briefed to Johnson as the speaker before the election.”

In the weekend, Johnson, along with Chakka Shumar, the Senate Majority Leader, reached an agreement on a billion additional deal for defense along with a .59 trillion federal spending limit for the next fiscal year. This deal mirrors to some extent the deal made by Kevin McCarthy, the previous House Speaker from California, last year to increase the debt limit in exchange for cuts in Republican spending. This deal somewhat led to McCarthy’s ousting.

However, after Johnson’s immediate ascension to Speaker, conservatives celebrated his swift elevation to the top position, given his considerably more conservative voting record compared to his predecessors. This deal, which deviates slightly from the agreement made by McCarthy with Biden, presents a challenge to those members who celebrated Johnson’s rapid rise to the top position and now find themselves facing backlash from conservative voters.

“I would tell them I’m a conservative, and he’s not what we all wanted. It’s not the best deal that we could have gotten if we both had control of both chambers and the White House, but it’s the best deal we could have gotten to get us out of the circumstances,” Johnson said on Tuesday when asked about the reaction to his deal. The conservative anger spread over the deal for funding bills isn’t new or surprising.

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