North Korean: Launches Cruise Missile Escalate Tensions

Welcome to our new post in this post, we talk about North Korean Cruise Missile Launches Escalate Tensions .According to the South Korean military, on Wednesday, North Korean launched several cruise missiles, showcasing another weapon on the Korean Peninsula amid increasing tensions between neighboring countries.

North Korean: Launches Cruise Missile Escalate Tensions

Time and place of Launch of Missile

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff informed journalists in a text message that the missiles were launched toward the Yellow Sea at 7 a.m. No additional details were provided. The message said that both South Korea’s and the United States’ intelligence services are conducting missile analysis and that the two countries’ armed forces are working “closely” together.

Missiles and Rounds Launched in 2023

North Korea, which launched 24 ballistic missiles in 2023, initiated the new year with ballistic missile launches and artillery fire. From January 5 to January 14, the regime fired approximately 350 artillery rounds toward its southern maritime border and launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile toward the Sea of Japan or the Eastern Sea on January 14. Pyongyang explicitly stated that it is not violating United Nations Security Council resolutions by testing cruise missiles, in contrast to ballistic missiles.

Cruise missiles are run by jet engines and fly at lower altitudes compared to rocket-propelled ballistic missiles. Wednesday’s launches occurred about a week after Kim Jong-un threatened to amend the North’s constitution to eliminate references to inter-Korean peace-building measures and ease tensions with South Korea.

North Korean: Launches Cruise Missile Escalate Tensions

During the Supreme People’s Assembly in Pyongyang on January 15, Kim referred to South Korea as the “primary enemy” and proposed destroying symbols of inter-Korean reconciliation, including railways, communication lines, and a monument in Pyongyang.

Statement of North Korean state news agency

According to a Tuesday report by the North Korean state news agency, NK News, satellite images from Planet Labs indicate that North Korea destroyed landmarks of three charter monuments for national reunification. The monuments, including a 98-foot-tall, bow-shaped granite structure symbolizing peace, freedom, and national unity, were part of a project that took two years to complete and was finished in 2001.

The last time the monument was seen in satellite images was a few days after Kim’s speech. however, it is unclear when it was removed.

The policy shift in Pyongyang comes about a month after both Koreas abandoned their five-year military agreement. In 2018, Kim and then-South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed on various peace-building measures, including the prohibition of armed guards and flights near the border.

Why North Korean withdrew

North Korea withdrew from the agreement in November, claiming that joint military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea compromised its security. In the same month, South Korea announced the removal of its ban on cross-border flights near the demilitarized zone, citing North Korea’s satellite launch by Pyongyang as the reason for the change.

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