Missouri residence an 18-year-old shot a man 15 times and concealed his body in an air mattress

Welcome to our new post in this post, we talk about a Missouri residence an 18-year-old who shot a man 15 times and concealed his body in an air mattress. According to court documents, the police have arrested an 18-year-old individual based on allegations of shooting another person 15 times inside his Missouri residence and then attempting to conceal the body in a bound-up air mattress.

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The department declared that Jackson L. In connection with the death of his roommate, 23-year-old Dalton Coleman, who was shot and then allegedly tried to hide in an upstairs storage room, Pierce is charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

As per a complaint, Pierce faces charges of “serious armed criminal action,” associated with the alleged use of a firearm in committing the murder.

Missouri residence an 18-year-old shot a man 15 times and concealed his body in an air mattress

Physical Confrontation Before Fatal Shooting According to the St. Peters Police, Pierce attempted to hide Coleman’s body after fatally shooting him with a gunshot from 23-year-old Dalton Coleman and then trying to conceal his lifeless body in an upper-level storage area.

A possible motive, as per affidavits, showed that Coleman was listed in court documents as residing at Pierce’s house in St. Peters, located approximately 100 miles east of Jefferson City on the Illinois border, was seeking the return of “unknown items” and behaving inappropriately.

The police say that a witness residing in the home had left before a phone call notifying them of an impending confrontation between Pierce and Coleman, a situation prompting efforts to minimize escalating tensions.

In an attempt to de-escalate rising tension, the individual spoke with both Pierce and Coleman on the phone. The affidavits state that he instructed Pierce to gather valuable items, including a gun stored in a cabinet above the microwave, and place them in his room.

However, minutes later, the witness informed investigators that he received another call in which Pierce admitted to shooting Coleman after he forcibly went upstairs and attempted to kill him. While Pierce initially denied the allegations when the witness urged him to contact the police, he later confessed to the crime.

Pierce Arrested with Coleman Concealed in Air Mattress According to the affidavits, following the witness’s alert, St. Peters Police responded, initiating an investigation into suspicious behavior. A SWAT team was later dispatched to the scene, and after issuing orders through a loudspeaker for the individuals inside the residence to come out and surrender, Pierce and another juvenile were arrested.

Court records indicate that investigators obtained a warrant for a search of the residence, where they discovered a tightly bound and wrapped air mattress inside the upper bedroom. Inside, Coleman’s body was found, surrounded by a plastic trash bag secured with pieces of cut electrical wire from a lamp.

As per the affidavits, Pierce told investigators that he shot Coleman when he forcibly went upstairs and attempted to kill him. The first shot hit Coleman in the stomach, but when he didn’t fall, Pierce admitted to pulling the trigger 14 more times until the gun was empty.

Police recovered a gun with 13 rounds and 12 spent casings from the crime scene. During the autopsy, an additional lodged bullet was found in Coleman’s body, indicating that he was shot 15 times in the stomach, hands, and face.

Court records reveal that Pierce is currently held in jail on a $1 million bond, awaiting his initial court appearance, which has not been determined yet.

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