Live Update: Ohio State VS Notre Dame

There was a surprising moment of the event on a Saturday, Ohio State University, ranked number – 6 in the nation, left everyone shocked with a last-second 1-yard touchdown run in the South Bend, defeating the Fighting Irish.

Kyle McCord, showcasing exceptional leadership in the final minute and 26 seconds, completed a 5-pass touchdown drive over 73 yards, Ultimately defeating Notre Dame. He covered 240 yards, making 21 passes out of 37 during this game.

Trevyon Henderson further extended the Buckeyes leads in the second half with a 61 yard touchdown run.

Live Update: Ohio State VS Notre Dame

When defense takes Centre stage

Inside the OSU territory, significant defense stop in the fourth quarter kept Notre Dame at a season-low 14 point. In the first quarter ,Ohio state linebacker Cody Simon thwarted Notre Dame quarterback Sam Hartman from securing a first place finish within the red zone.

As halftime approaches ,Buckeyes reasserted themselves when OSU’s Lathan Ranson and Sunny Styles tackled Hartman at the 39 yard line with 4th and 1 leaving Notre Dame without gains

When the thrills continues

Ohio State, 3 thwarted from scoring with in the Irish territory, had a chance to run out the clock with 4 minute left, but Jim knowles defense, who faced criticism from explosive place last season ,once again stepped up to Force a turnover on down, giving Ohio State a chance to secure the win.

Live Update: Ohio State VS Notre Dame

There are 4 Quarter in this game with are likely to be such as:

At 1st quarter :

  • Kyle McCord had to stop Ohio state on their first drive after disable Emeka Egbuka on the third and 12th down .
  • Notre Dame struggled in business .
  • Irish goes to 22 yard line for 4 and 1 and is stopped by Cody Simon .
  • Ohio state is pushed back 3 more and is forced to punt .
  • At the end of first quarter : Ohio state 0, Notre Dame 0. Irish QB Sam Hartman is 9 out of 10 for 88 yards.
  • Notre Dame missed a 47-yard field goal.

At 2nd quarter :

  • After Kyle McCord passes were deflected, Ohio state turned the tide on Notre Dame 1 yard line with fourth and one. They stopped Myron Williams and took over.
  • Buckeye’s left Myron Williams empty handed , preventing any gain at the goal.
  • Notre Dame scoreless drive 13 plays, 7 minute and 11 seconds for 70 yards.
  • OSU punted after tackling Notre Dame in space and completing a breakup pass by safety Josh proctor. More than 3:46 minute left in the first half.
  • Emeka Egbuka left a possible 15 yd touch down after 2 consecutive catches.
  • Zedane fielding kicked a 31 yard field goal in the first half, Ohio State leads Notre Dame by 3-0

At 3rd quarter :

  • Notre Dame is switched there play calling after the first touchdown. Lathan Ramson and sunny styles partnered without any benefit to handle Hartman. Buckeye’s goal line was at the 39 yard line of OSU.
  • Treveyon Henderson sprinted 61 yards for the first touchdown of the game, in the third quarter with 11:14 left the Buckeyes took a 10 – 0 lead Marvin Harrison jr. was injured during the game.
  • Harrison’s injury, as a result of an attempt to tackle Henderson, was essential for Hartman.
  • Notre Dame scored on a 13-play common 75-yard drive that took over 7 minutes. The Buckeyes are still ahead, 10 – 7 .
  • Notre Dame’s scoring drive goes up to 54 yards.
  • Marvin Harrison jr. return to the game.
  • Ohio state is forced to punt.
  • The end of the third quarter : Ohio State 10 and Notre Dame 7 .

At 4th quarter :

  • Notre Dame began the fourth quarter on its 4 yard line
  • Notre Dame on a short TV drive of 11 plays, 96 yard, for 14 -10 over OSU.
  • MCchord found Xavier Johnson at the Notre Dame 30- yard line for 40 yard competition.
  • Ohio State turned the tide on the jet sweep, with the ball turn to the Emeka Egbuka who secured as 0 yard gain on fourth and 1 from the 11 yard line of Notre Dame.
  • Ohio state Forced Notre Dame to punt. With 1:26 remaining in the game, the ball comes back to the buckeyes on their 27 yard line .
  • Several turnovers have taken Ohio state into the red zone.
Live Update: Ohio State VS Notre Dame


The game was a roller coaster of emotions , filled with thrilling moment and superb defense plays. Ohio State victory over Notre Dame is a Testament to their resilience and determination. It’s a game that will be remembered for year to come.

Some important questions arise that cover all over the article or blog :

How did Ohio state defense perform against Notre Dame ?

Ohio state’s defense put on a stellar performance, limiting Notre Dame to a season-low 14 points.

Who were the standout player in the game ?

Kyle McCord and Treveyon Henderson were the standout players for Ohio State ,leading the team to victory .

How did Notre Dame offence fare in the game ?

Notre Dame offense struggled against Ohio State defence , scoring only 14 points.

What was the turning point of the game ?

The turning point of the game was Kyle McCord last minutes touchdown drive, securing the win for Ohio State .

What are the suggestions of this victory for Ohio State ?

Ohio State victory over Notre Dame solidifies their position as a Top ranked Team in the nation and boosts their confidence as they move forward in the season .

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