Common: Reveals his beautiful things in interview with Jennifer Hudson

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about Common beautiful things. After some months of speculation, Common and Jennifer Hudson are finally ready to publicly confirm their relationship. On January 22, Common will be a guest on “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” where he is expected to openly discuss his love life. In a clip shared on the show’s official Instagram account on January 21, Hudson playfully pressured Common to talk about romance.

Common: Reveals his beautiful things in interview with Jennifer Hudson

With a teasing tone, Hudson said, “Let’s get down to business, Mr. Common. I am the host, and that’s why I need to ask you this question because everyone always wants to know.

Do you have a partner?

The crowd cheered and rejoiced as the 51-year-old rapper laughed in response. He answered, “yeah.” Additionally, I’m in a relationship with the most stunning individuals I’ve ever laid eyes on.” Cheers rose as the effervescent rapper continued to list attributes, complimenting the gifted singer and Academy Award–winning actress.

He’s smart and he loves God and he’s got some real and practical things about him. He’s talented. But I set my bar high because she had to win an Oscar for her first movie. I set my bar high. She had to get her talk show. I set my bar high, he continued.

After hearing the compliments, the 42-year-old Hudson exclaimed, “Oh, okay, and laughter filled the room before the video concluded. Common will make a presence with Hoda and Jenna on TODAY on January 22 to promote his new book, “Let Love Have the Last Word: A Memoir.”

Discussing Hudson’s show, he said, “We had fun, and being on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ was really good. I felt like, why not just be who I am and who we are? It felt good.” He added that he is generally a private person, valuing certain aspects of his life as “sacred.”

Common: Reveals his beautiful things in interview with Jennifer Hudson

He continued, “So whatever relationships I have, they’re not for public consumption, but at the end of the day, we were on a show. We had a good time.” When Hoda Kotb asked Common if he is marriage material and if his current relationship could be “the one,” he laughed before responding”.

I think I’m grown, and I feel like what I’ve done with myself has helped me see that I’m part of people who are marriage material. I’m capable, and if there’s a point in my life where I want to do that on a certain point, I’ll know the right time.”

He concluded, “For me, everything is divine. I work with that divine wisdom – when God speaks to your gut and you feel it in your heart and your soul, then if I feel that way, I will engage in a conversation with that person, and if they feel that way, why not?” Common’s new book, “Let Love Have the Last Word: A Memoir,” aims to inspire and provide guidance on self-love and care.

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