Japan Airlines Plane Crash Claims 5 Coast Guard Lives, Miraculous Escape for 367 Passengers

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about Japan Airlines Plane Crash. Officials said that on Tuesday, a fierce collision occurred at Haneda Airport in Tokyo between a Japan Airlines passenger jet.

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Airbus A350, and a coast guard plane, resulting in the death of five coast guard members from a team of beach rescue drivers. However, all 367 passengers and 12 members of the driver’s team on the commercial jet managed to escape just before the collision.

Japan Airlines Plane Crash Claims 5 Coast Guard Lives, Miraculous Escape for 367 Passengers

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the condition of the pilot of the coast guard plane, MA722, was serious. The Tokyo Fire Department reported that 14 people aboard the commercial plane were injured.

Tideo footage published by Reuters shows the passenger jet, Airbus A35axiing on the runway before being engulfed in flames. Rescuers can be seen extinguishing the fire. The flight was coming from Sapporo, a popular tourist destination in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost region, to Tokyo.

Shigenori Hiraoka, head of Japan’s Civil Aviation Bureau, stated in a press conference on Tuesday evening that the passenger jet had just landed when it “collided directly” with the coast guard plane. He said, “We still need to confirm details of the communication with air traffic control regarding the incident.”

JAL’s executive officer, Noriyuki Aoki, told reporters in a press conference that permission to take off had been granted, but an investigation into the communication between the cockpit and air traffic control was underway.

Aoki suggested that airline officials believe the pilot may not have seen the coast guard plane, and therefore, there might not have been any communication about abnormalities or issues before landing. However, a thorough investigation of the incident is ongoing.

Japan Airlines Plane Crash Claims 5 Coast Guard Lives, Miraculous Escape for 367 Passengers

Aoki mentioned that the passenger plane landed at 5:46 PM, and all 379 people on board were evacuated by 6:05 PM. At 5:55 PM, the coast guard pilot informed the base of the explosion on the runway. The coast guard officials reported that the pilot successfully escaped the plane, but the fate of the other members of the driver’s team on the plane was uncertain. The police stated that the pilot was seriously injured.

Tsubasa Sawada, a 28-year-old passenger, told Reuters that approximately 10 minutes after he and other passengers disembarked, they heard an explosion. “I can only say it was a miracle; if we had been late, we could have died,” he said.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, the coast guard plane was heading towards Niigata Airport in western Japan on Monday to provide assistance to communities devastated by a powerful earthquake. The earthquake in Ishikawa with a magnitude of 7.6 resulted in at least 48 deaths and numerous injuries or missing people. Extensive damage occurred, and a tsunami warning was issued on Monday.

All flights departing from Haneda Airport were suspended for the remaining evening hours, affecting not only Tokyo but also other major airports in the vicinity. Waiting areas for passengers awaiting rescheduled flights were crowded with travelers, and long lines formed at restaurants and waiting areas.

Japanese Prime Minister “Fumio Kishida” expressed gratitude for the initial responders’ work in a statement posted on social media. He also conveyed his condolences for the five coast guard members who lost their lives and thanked them for their “strong sense of mission and responsibility. Airbus issued a statement saying that they are sending a team of specialists to assist in the investigation.

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