How Kieran Culkin honored his children with his Golden Globes attire…

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about why Kieran Culkin honored his children. Actor Kieran Culkin is known for his role as the unruly, single, and childless Roman Roy in the hit HBO show “Succession. However, in real life, the actor, hailing from a Hollywood powerhouse family, is a father and husband.

Culkin shares two children with his wife, Jazz Charton. During the 81st Golden Globes Awards red carpet, he paid a sweet tribute to them. I’ve seen some ‘Kieran Culkings,’ tell us who those ‘Kieran Culkings’ are?” asked Variety’s senior entertainment writer, Mark Malkin.

How Kieran Culkin honored his children with his Golden Globes attire...

Culkin responded, “They’ve named my children like, after their names,” Ziggy and Bobo… Okay, goodnight, everyone.”

Who are Kieran Culkin’s children?

Kieran and Jazz announced in 2019 that they were expecting their first child, sharing the news on Instagram.

Their daughter” Kinsey Sioux” was born on September 19. Jazz hinted with the hashtag #theglobeswerefun that her first birth happened after the Golden Globes that year.

She wrote on Instagram, “Our favorite surprise so far. We had no idea how much we wanted this until it happened. We’re excited/terrified but we cannot wait to meet our little unexpected creation in September #theglobeswerefun #koalatummy.”

The couple welcomed their second child, Wolf ‘Wolfie’ Culkin, in 2021. Culkin told Ellen DeGeneres that they didn’t have a name for him for seven weeks.

“He’s on the bed, and we have a dry-erase board, and we wrote down every name that we could think of. And then we looked over and saw it, ‘Let’s concentrate on girls’ names because we love girls’ names.’ And we restricted it to the two names that we really liked and agreed upon. And we decided if it’s a girl, it’s one of these two names, and if it’s a boy, we’re screwed.

And then it’s a boy, and we spent seven weeks battling over what the name was going to be,” Culkin said. Ultimately, the couple settled on the name Wolf ‘Wolfie’ Culkin for their son.

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