Fund $980K raised for Palestinian student paralyzed after being shot in Vermont Read to know more…

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about “why Fund $980K raised for Palestinian student paralyzed after being shot in Vermont . The family has stated that more than $980,000 has been raised for the recovery of one of the three college students of Palestinian origin who were shot last month in Vermont.

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The victim, Hisham Avatani, a 20-year-old student at Brown University, was spending time with childhood friends near the University of Vermont campus in Burlington on November 25 when they were “unjustify shot in an attack,” according to Avatani’s family on their GoFundMe page. All three were seriously injured, with Avatani currently suffering from paralysis below the chest after a bullet struck his spine.

Hisham’s initial thoughts were for his friends, then for his parents, who were thousands of miles away. He has shown remarkable courage, resilience, and patience – even a sense of humor – in the face of his ordeal, even after the reality of his paralysis set in,” says the fundraising page established on Saturday.

Fund $980K raised for Palestinian student paralyzed

Since the Israel-Hamas conflict began in October, there has been a nationwide surge in hate crimes, including threats against Jewish, Muslim, and Arab communities, which coincided with the shooting. some of the fact that Vermont authorities have not classified the shooting as a hate crime, officials and advocacy groups have strongly judge it.

Authorities are looking into the possibility that the shooting in Vermont, where Avatani, Tasneem Ali, and Kinnan Abdulhamid were going to meet Avatani’s family in Burlington over Thanksgiving break, was a hate crime. According to the family, a white man shot the three friends as they were leaving for dinner at Avatani’s grandmother’s house.

The family believes that during the attack, the three were targeted because they were wearing keffiyehs, traditional Palestinian scarves, and were conversing in a mix of English and Arabic. The suspect fired 4 shots at them

While Avatani’s injuries are the most severe among the three, his uncle Rich Price told Newsbuzzr that he is more concerned about his friends. According to Newsbuzzr report, Ali and Abdulhamid have been released from the hospital.

The fundraising page mentioned, “In a cruel twist, Hisham’s parents advised him not to return home for the holidays, suggesting that he would be safer staying in America with his grandmother. Burlington was Hisham’s second home, where he spent warm and joyful holidays with his family. It breaks our hearts that these young people did not find safety in their own homes.”

Fund $980K raised for Palestinian student paralyze

On November 26, 48-year-old Jason J. When Eaton was apprehended, he told federal agents he had been waiting for them when he opened the door to his Burlington apartment with his hands up.

Eaton argued that he should be detained without bond while police look into whether the shooting was a hate crime and asserted his innocence in response to the three counts of attempted second-degree murder during his subsequent court appearance the following day.

Who were the three victims? All three 20-year-olds were childhood friends who graduated from a private Quaker school in West Bank. They are now students at various universities in the United States, described as dedicated scholars. Avatani attends Brown University in Rhode Island, Abdulhamid is at Haverford College in Pennsylvania, and Ali studies at Trinity College in Connecticut.

Avatani is an Irish-Palestinian-American who says his family has long-standing ties to the West Bank. Speaking seven languages well, he is a teaching assistant at Brown University while pursuing a double major in mathematics and archaeology. According to the fundraising page, he pledged to begin the next semester “on time”.

Hisham’s family believes he will make a difference in the world. His humanity, his soul, and his mind will transform the world through his compassion for those less fortunate than himself, especially for the thousands of people who have died in Gaza and for those who are fighting to survive the dire humanitarian situation there.

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