Famous YouTuber Trevor Jacob jailed for just views Read what’s the reason behind this….

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about the Famous YouTuber Trevor Jacob jailed for just views . In December 2021, a video posted of 30-year-old adventurer Jacob, who take a selfie stick in hand, safely parachuted out of a plane, suggesting it was a planned stunt rather than an accident.

More about the YouTuber Trevor Jacob accident or pre-planned

This clip gained millions of views, and in a statement Jacob claimed to have filmed the video as part of a product sponsorship deal. However, the former Olympic snowboarder had faced legal troubles earlier in the year for a serious incident involving destruction and concealment.

Federal prosecutors in California accused Jacob of committing the act for creating social media and news coverage, as well as financial gains. Despite acknowledging the “humble experience” in a statement, they emphasized that such daring behavior could not be tolerated ,we must have to take strict action against you.

In November 2021, Jacob embarked on a solo flight from Santa Barbara Airport in California, equipped with cameras, a parachute, and a selfie stick. Authorities stated that his intention was not to reach his destination but to create a video of himself exiting the plane mid-flight, parachuting to the ground, and simulating a crash.

Approximately 35 minutes into the flight, the plane crashed in the Los Padres National Forest. Jacob went to the site and recorded footage. Prosecutors stated that afterward, on December 23, he uploaded a video on YouTube titled “I Crashed My Plane” featuring a promotional endorsement from a wallet company.

Famous YouTuber Trevor Jacob jailed  for just views

Given that Jacob had a parachute on and had not attempted to safely land the plane, some viewers questioned the veracity of the incident. When the incident was reported to the National Transportation Safety Board, it was stated that Jacob was in charge of keeping the aircraft safe.

Later, as stated in a plea agreement, Jacob stated he had no idea where the site was and that, upon being airlifted, he had checked the aircraft’s safety before removing and demolishing it. Prior to its deletion, the video had received almost 3 million views.

Is this a bold or risky move?

The debate rages on, and the adventurer faces legal consequences for his unusual and controversial acts.

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