Why Elisabeth Borne french PM resigns before any reshuffle ..Read to know more

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is set to step down after a term of less than two years. Her resignation fits with the expectation that President Emmanuel Macron will significantly alter his senior leadership group in advance of the European elections this year.

More about the resignation by Elisabeth Borne

In a statement, President Macron said that during her time in office, Ms. Borne had shown strong determination and it is not yet known who her successor will be.

Why Elisabeth Borne french PM resigns before any reshuffle ..Read to know more

According to a statement from the Elysee Palace, Ms. Borne will remain in office until a new Prime Minister takes over. She was the second female Prime Minister of France, with the longest-serving being Edith Cresson, who served under François Mitterrand until 1991-92.

Rumors of a major government reorganization have surfaced in recent weeks as President Macron looks to strengthen his position ahead of the June elections and France’s hosting of the Olympic Games in 2020.

With three years remaining in office, analysts contend that the government must completely change in order to regain political clout following years of unpopular policies and ineffective rules and regulations.

Facing a significant defeat on a crucial part of the December law on vaccination, considered a moment of crisis, the government eventually passed the law after granting concessions to right-wing opposition groups. However, President Macron’s party still expects a tough challenge in the upcoming European elections.

Why Elisabeth Borne french PM resigns before any reshuffle ..Read to know more

The departure of Ms. Borne is seen as the beginning of a major change, with several prominent figures in the government being suggested to take her place. Education Minister Gabriel Attal, at 34, is considered a frontrunner and would be France’s youngest and first openly gay Prime Minister.

Defense Minister “Sebastien Lecornu” at 37, and former Agriculture Minister “Julien Denormandie” are also seen as potential alternatives. A spokesperson for the Elysee Palace has stated that there is no expectation of announcing a new Prime Minister until Tuesday at the earliest.

Expectations for the French Prime Minister include managing the day-to-day affairs of the government and leading the cabinet. President Macron’s party lost its parliamentary majority in 2022, making it challenging for a new Prime Minister to change presidential policies through legislation.

Upon appointment, the new Prime Minister will be the 4th to hold the position since President Macron first took office as President in 2017.

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