27 Surprising Facts about Dean Philips

Dean Phillips is a very Lucky Person and he belongs to the one of the US’s alcohol dynasty and the primary democrat to represent minnesota’s 0.33 congressional district in almost 60 years .

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It is expected that he will officially launch his long-rumored presidential campaign in New Hampshire this Friday. However, there have been several delays in his plans for 2024.

27 Surprising Facts about Dean Philips

But because a third-term Democratic congressman has begun making a long-shot bid for the presidency against Joe Biden, it may not be enough for Dean Philips to rely on luck to make it to the White House. To do so, he might need to bet on something close to a miracle.

It is hoped that 54-year-old Dean Philips will present himself as a better alternative to 80-year-old Biden, whom he has otherwise praised as a “president of great capability and accomplishment.” But looking at Biden’s advancing age, Dean Philips has argued that Democratic voters are looking for a competition, not a coronation.

While Biden remains a strong favorite for the Democratic nomination, Dean Philips ‘ chances of winning that competition are quite slim, but not zero.

According to recent polls, nearly 70% of Democratic voters believe that Biden is too old to effectively serve another term, and 67% say they would prefer an alternative candidate to represent the party. But can a gelato tycoon turned back-bench congressman become an appealing alternative?

Here, from rare media coverage and additional public comments, Dean Phillips appears to be a certain primary contender.

Some facts are :


Dean Phillips’s Net worth is very high around $124 million, he is one of the wealthiest members of the House of Representatives.


Dean Phillips’s said he is one of the luckiest guy in the world


Dean Philips was born Benson Pfefer on January 20, 1969,in St. Paul, Minn.


At the time of Dean’s birth his biological father ,Arthur (Artie) Pfefer was a captain in the US Army but Artie was killed in a helicopter crash in the Pleiku province in Vietnam on july 25,1969 before he had ever meet his son .


Family member say that Dean is the spitting image of his father .


In 2012 in a servey company was reported worth over $175 million


In 2000 he was named the new CEO of Phillips Distilling Company after earning an MBA from the University of Minnesota


Dean Philips said some people like Warhols , but he likes a whisky bottles


He and his wife have a Norwich Terrier named Henry


2 Shops which boasted a $15 minimum wage for all employees closed in 2022


He defeated Paulsen in the general election with 55.6 % of vote


His district is home to the Mall of America , the largest shopping mall in the Western hemisphere


He is one of the 22 Jewish Democratic currently serving in the House


He has won Re-election to Congress twice : In 2020, with 55.6 % of the vote, and in 2022, with 60% of the votes


He is a fixture of the Democrats congressional softball team , though he admits to being “a below average baseball player and an average softball player


Dean Philips has voted with Biden;s stated policy positions 100% of the time


The Bus bumper teased Phillips new campaign slogan :”Make America Affordable Again “


In May He announced the possibility of 3rd party challenge to Biden by a candidate on the “No Labels ” ticket as a “historic disaster “for Democrats.


A campaign bus with “Dean Phillips for President was spotted driving around Ohio on October 24 several days before e officially announced his campaign

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