Boeing 737 Max 9s :Ready to fly after FAA inspection

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk about Boeing 737 Max 9s its Ready to fly after FAA inspection. The Federal Aviation Administration announced on Wednesday that it has approved an inspection process for the grounded Boeing 737 Max 9 planes, paving the way for the aircraft to return to service on land after nearly 3 weeks.

Why 737 Max 9s flights are resume ?

United Airlines aims to resume the flights of its Max 9s by Sunday, according to the airline’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Toby Enqvist. He stated, ‘In the coming days, our teams will continue to move forward and prioritize safety and compliance above all’.

Boeing 737 Max 9s :Ready to fly after FAA inspection

He added, ‘We will only return each MAX 9 aircraft to service after a thorough inspection process is complete’.

How may jets FAA ordered ?

The explosion-related incident with Alaska Airlines’ Max 9 on January 5, the FAA ordered 171 jets to stay grounded until an inspection of their mid-cabin door plugs could be conducted. One plug had been improperly installed and ruptured during flight in the Alaska incident.

Boeing 737 Max 9s :Ready to fly after FAA inspection

FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said in a statement, ‘Within few hours of the incident in Portland, we grounded the Boeing 737-9 Max and made it clear that the aircraft would not return to service until it is safe. After several weeks of gathering information, a comprehensive, enhanced review by our team gives me and the FAA confidence to proceed to the inspection and maintenance phase.

What FAA announced ?

The FAA, which had previously announced that it was overseeing the Boeing 737 Max production line, said it would halt Boeing’s expansion of its production until further review. ‘It will not return to business as usual for Boeing. We will not agree to any request from Boeing for an expansion of its production or additional production lines for the 737 Max without being satisfied that quality control issues have been addressed during this process.

Boeing 737 Max 9s :Ready to fly after FAA inspection

Both United and Alaska Airlines have stated in previous statements that after FAA approval of the inspection process, they will work swiftly to return their Max 9s to service. While the aircraft remain grounded, each airline, the sole American operators of the Max 9, has had to cancel over 100 flights per day.

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