Beef’s Steven Yeun Gives a Heartfelt Tribute to His Wife: “You Are My Strength”

Welcome to our new post in this post we talk abut At the Sunday ceremony Yeun said in his heartfelt speech that “I am very grateful“, I am the recipient of a long series of compassion, love, security, and goodwill, so I appreciate it.

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Steven Yeun secured a major victory at the 2024 Golden Globes and made sure to thank his close ones! During the Sunday ceremony, the actor took home his first Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television. Along with the victory, Yeun defeated fellow travelers Matt Bomer, Lomane: Base Reeves star David Oyelowo, Fargo’s John Hamm, Daisy Jones, and The Six’s Sam Claflin, and Lead Wood Harrelson from The White House Plumbers.

Beef's Steven Yeun Gives a Heartfelt Tribute to His Wife: "You Are My Strength"

While accepting his award, the 40-year-old Yeun affectionately called his wife, Joana Pak, his “strength.” “The story I usually tell about myself is one of alienation and disconnection, and then you come here, and you have this moment, and you can only think about everyone else, and it feels like a frozen story,” he said. “Family Movie Night, Salute to my daughter Ruth!”

Before expressing gratitude to his wife, he said, “I am very grateful. I am the recipient of a long series of compassion, love, security, and goodwill, so I appreciate it. Joana, I love you. You are my strength.” Yeun concluded his speech by thanking the cast and crew of his Netflix series.

In Beef, Yeun played the role of Danny Cho, a person whose repressed anger surfaces when he encounters Ali Wong’s character in a road rage incident with Ali Wong’s character, Ali Wong. The Beef couple feels as though their lives have unexpectedly merged after the incident.

Yeun is nominated for a first Golden Globe after receiving positive reviews for his portrayal of a Korean-American father in the 2020 movie Minari. Yeun had fierce competition this year to win the prize. The 46-year-old Bomer portrayed a closeted gay man stuck in a decades-old love affair in the limited series Fellow Travelers.

Furthermore, he served as an executive producer for the television version of the same-titled book by Thomas Mallon. The show revolves around Bomer and Jonathan Bailey’s complex relationship as they navigate the AIDS crisis of the 1980s and the Joseph McCarthy communist hearings of the 1950s. This Golden Globes nomination was Bomer’s second; he was previously approved for his role as Felix Turner in the 2014 film The Normal Heart.

In Daisy Jones and The Six, the 37-year-old Claflin played Billy Dunne, a recovering addict and the frontman of a band caught in a love triangle, including Daisy played by Riley Keough and Camila, played by Camila Morrone, Dunne’s wife. This is Claflin’s first Golden Globes nomination.

In Fargo, 52-year-old Hamm left his mark while portraying Sheriff Roy Tillman in front of Juno Temple. He described his character as “a man who takes care of God’s land from sunrise to sunset” and who is not only proud of being the “law” but is also “above the law.” This is Hamm’s seventh Golden Globes nomination; previously, he won the Best Actor in a TV Drama award twice in 2008 and 2016 for his role as Don Draper in the TV series Mad Men.

In HBO‘s limited series, Harrelson, 62, played the role of E. Howard Hunt, who was appointed by the White House to stop the leak in 1972. Hunt and his partner G. Gordon Liddy, portrayed by Justin Theroux, are caught attempting to break into the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate scandal, leading to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974.

This is Harrelson’s fifth Golden Globes nomination; he previously received approval for his performances in True Detective, Game Change, The Messenger in 2009, and The People vs. Larry Flynt in 1996.

In Paramount+’s Looman, 47-year-old Oyelowo realized a dream that took more than eight years to come true, playing the role of the first Black American deputy marshal west of the Mississippi River, Bass Reeves. He also served as an executive producer for the series created by Taylor Sheridan, the Yellowstone producer.

Oyelowo told people before production, “We’re going for a true historical representation, which is rare.” “People don’t know that one of those four cowboys at the time was Black, and Lone Ranger was essentially a story taken from the life of Bass Reeves.”

For the series, Oyelowo took horseback riding and firearms training to portray the man who arrested over 3,000 outlaws in the 1800s: “His career was long with so many mythical stories. It’s exciting.” This marks Oyelowo’s third Golden Globes nomination; he previously earned praise for Selma in 2015 and Nightingale in 2016.

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