To become a House Speaker Does Jim Jordan have enough votes in 2023?

In a Discussion with ABC News, in a report if He became the Next Speaker the House Democrats are prepared to deploy Ohio’s R-OHIO strategy and this was confirmed by Jim Jordan in a Political game but Jim Jordan is already a good Political leadership weapon against the Republicans in the upcoming elections.

Together Against Republicans

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has urged its members and candidates to depict the entire GOP as beholden to extremists if the Republicans hand them the Speaker’s gavel. The memo by the DCCC states that “There are no one left in the Republican caucus. Jordan will only win if they choose the alleged ‘moderate’ option and select him.”

Jim Jordan have enough votes in 2023?

Strict actions by the Trump’s Orders

The memo also highlights that every Republican voting for Jim Jordan as the Speaker is essentially following Trump’s marching orders. It’s unclear at this point whether Jordan has the votes, but several GOP critics are rallying behind him.

List of Jim Jordan obsessiveness Allegations

The two-page memo includes a list described as the “chief examples of Jordan’s extremism.” This list is very important and references his efforts to undermine the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, his role as a co-founder of the far-right Freedom Caucus, his opposition to bipartisan bills, which the Democrats label as “several government shutdowns” which shows highly demanded.

Jim Jordan have enough votes in 2023?
Jim Jordan have enough votes in 2023?

The memo asserts, “A Jordan speakership means that extremists and obstructionists will control the House of Representatives. It’s essential that our caucus makes clear to voters how extreme Jordan is and that his leadership would be detrimental to families across the country, imperil democratic norms, and weaken our relationships with allies.”

Some Past Allegations

In The memo also mentions decades-old allegations where the role of Jim Jordan as a wrestling coach, Jordan allegedly turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of wrestlers by a team doctor but Jordan has denied these all allegations.

Strengthening Republican Support

On Monday, Jordan contained a letter stressing the need for GOP unity to bolster Republican support. He wrote that The principles that unite us as Republicans are far greater than the divisions that tear us apart. And the divisions between us and our Democratic colleagues are far greater than our internal divisions. The country and our conference can’t afford for us to launch attacks on each other. Now is the time for us to come together on behalf of the American people.”


Now The battle is over the next Speaker is looming in the House, with voting expected by Tuesday afternoon. To secure victory, Jordan would need the votes of 217 out of 221 Republicans in the House to become the speaker in house. While it’s not certain that he has those votes, several GOP critics are beginning to lean his way. The showdown in the House is set to be intense, with both sides vying for control of the Speaker’s gavel.


  1. Why is Jim Jordan considered an extremist by Democrats?
    Jim Jordan is viewed as an extremist by Democrats due to his role in undermining the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory, his association with the far-right Freedom Caucus, and his opposition to bipartisan bills that led to government shutdowns.
  2. What are the allegations against Jim Jordan as a wrestling coach?
    Decades-old allegations suggest that Jim Jordan turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of wrestlers by a team doctor during his time as a wrestling coach. Jordan has denied these allegations.
  3. What is the significance of the battle over the Speaker in the House?
    The battle over the next Speaker is crucial as it will determine the leader of the House of Representatives, and their political stance will impact legislative decisions and the functioning of the House.
  4. How does Jim Jordan aim to strengthen Republican support?
    Jim Jordan has called for GOP unity, emphasizing that the principles that unite Republicans are more important than their internal divisions. He believes it’s crucial for Republicans to work together for the benefit of the American people.
  5. What is the expected outcome of the vote for the Speaker?
    The outcome of the vote for the Speaker is uncertain at this point. Jim Jordan would need the votes of 217 out of 221 Republicans in the House to secure victory, and the showdown is expected to be intense as both sides vie for control.

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