Apple Big Alert :Govt. tried to Hack Phone said by Indian Opposition2023

Now a days news seen by Some Indian opposition leader allegation to government to hack their mobiles after recieving warning message from Apple but this alert is basically denoted that the recipient was being targeted by “State sponsored attackers” but it did not sure who exactly these attackers might be .This whole situation has sparked a continuous debate about Privacy , and political motivations.

Allegations Against the Indian Opposition Leaders

Several Indian opposition leaders, including Shashi Tharoor from the Congress Party, Mahua Moitra from the Trinamool Congress, and Priyanka Chaturvedi from the Shiv Sena, claimed to have received warning messages from Apple. Even Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s office reported similar alerts which is nat a good sign .

Apple Big Alert :Govt. tried to Hack Phone said by Indian Opposition2023

While some leaders responded with confidence, stating they weren’t afraid, others expressed concerns. Siddharth Vardarajan, the founding editor of The Wire, and a few journalists said they had received similar messages. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw stated that the government has asked Apple to participate in their investigation, emphasizing the need for information on the alleged state-sponsored attacks.

Apple mentioned on its support page that state-sponsored attackers are well-funded and sophisticated, continuously evolving their attacks, often targeting specific individuals and their devices. However, it refrained from providing extensive details about these threats, citing the importance of not revealing signs that attackers might exploit.

Apple’s Response

Apple’s response to this situation in 2 aspects . On one side, they maintain that they do not attribute these threats to any specific state-sponsored organization, and on the other, they have stated that they are willing to cooperate with the investigation initiated by the government.

Apple’s argument revolves around the unpredictability and darkness of such attacks. They state that identifying these attacks depends on secretive indicators that are often incomplete and unclear, which can lead to false alarms or missed attacks and also these can effects apple brand image.

Political Reactions

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stated onto their behalf that the allegations of their government involvement are baseless and demand that Apple clarify the meaning of the notifications ,we are not responsible for that .

Amit Malviya, the head of the BJP’s IT department, went on record saying that the opposition has no genuine issue against the government and is resorting to false accusations.

Technical Analysis

Companies like Apple typically seek patterns of malicious activity on a large scale to detect coordinated cyber threats. This is usually a technically complex process and may be limited to known state-sponsored or state agencies.

They also assert that this could potentially be linked to some specific country’s interests and could restrict information sharing only with select state agencies.

Apple Big Alert: Govt. tried to Hack Phone said by Indian Opposition2023


The allegation of Apple alerting only opposition figures has turned this issue into a political storm. The security of digital data and privacy remains a critical concern in an increasingly connected world.

As Apple continues to collaborate with the government in its investigation, we also eagerly await the outcome and hope for a resolution that upholds individual privacy while addressing legitimate security concerns.

Some FAQs

What does the Apple alerts signify?

Apple alerts indicate that the recipient’s device may be targeted by “state-sponsored attackers.”

Who are the individuals that received these alerts?

Several Indian opposition leaders and some journalists reported receiving these warnings.

What is the government’s stance on these allegations?

The government has denied any involvement in targeting these individuals and has initiated an investigation.

Why are these allegations being raised by opposition leaders?

Opposition leaders claim that the government is trying to surveil them to suppress political dissent.

What is the significance of this issue in the context of privacy and security?

This issue highlights the ongoing debate on balancing individual privacy and national security in an increasingly digital world.

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