8 people injured in Dangerous wave in California Read to know more

Welcome to our new post in this post, we talk about a massive rogue wave that breached coastal barriers and wreaked havoc among spectators in the seaside city of Ventura, California. According to the Ventura County Fire Department, eight individuals were sent to the hospital in the aftermath of the incident.

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The department posted on Facebook with a video of this unusual event, advising, “For your safety, please stay away from the shore as it can be quite dangerous.” Powerful storms in the Pacific this week have sent waves as high as 40 feet crashing onto the California coast in the Prashant region.

National Weather Service’s Aerial Cohen explained, “It was a combination of factors that caused the surge in Ventura and Ventura Harbor.” “During high tide, we had tremendous wave energy and as a result of the accumulation of all that energy, a surge of water came up to the coastal Ventura. When this happened, it was midday; other areas also experienced flooding during the day.”

Elsewhere, sneaker waves collided with seawalls, drenching spectators in Santa Cruz and the famous big-wave surfing spot Mavericks in Northern California. National Weather Service’s warnings of flooding and high surf will remain effective in Northern California until Saturday and in Southern California until Monday morning.

8 people injured in Dangerous wave in California Read to know more

NWS stated about Northern California conditions, “Dangerous surf of 28 to 33 feet with occasional sets up to 40 feet is possible.” “Large breaking waves can sweep people off jetties and rocks,” encompassing Southern California locations. “Powerful rip currents will increase the risk of drowning. The potential for ocean water inundation of low-lying beach areas exists.”

Flooding has already occurred in Aptos, Ventura, and Oxnard cities. Residents in Ventura have been observed paddle boarding on flooded roads.

“The waves were huge,” said Ventura resident Brian Scott to NewsBuzzr. “I mean, I’m a water guy. I boat, I scuba dive. This morning, during high tide, these waves were more than 15 feet. Never seen anything like it. We’ve been here for 10 years.”

Risk-filled situations were also witnessed in the air, where Oahu’s Honolulu Ocean Safety rescuers saved 20 people by Wednesday.

8 people injured in Dangerous wave in California Read to know more

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