2000 species eaten by cat over worldwide study finds Read to know more

In a recent study explores that the dietary habits of domestic cats and their influence effects on on biodiversity. The findings reveal that these feline companions, beloved by many, inadvertently endanger over 2,000 species, including insects, worms, birds, and more. 347 of these species fall under the category of “conservation concern.

Global Spread and Impact

2000 species eaten by cat over worldwide

The study characterizes domestic cats as one of the world’s most troublesome invasive predators. Initially domesticated around 9,000 years ago, these felines have become a ubiquitous presence on every continent except Antarctica. Their spread has disrupted ecological systems, leading to the extinction of several species and affecting local fauna.

Why Cats are ‘Problematic’ for Biodiversity

Described as opportunistic hunters and obligate carnivores, domestic cats adapt their diet based on availability. This adaptability, however, poses a threat as cats may kill creatures they don’t consume, further impacting biodiversity.

Effects on Local Ecosystems

The study highlights the different ways in which domestic cats disrupt ecological balance—spreading diseases, outcompeting wildcats, and influencing the feeding and reproductive behaviors of native species. Even the mere presence of solitary cats can create fear in an environment, affecting local fauna.

Cat Diets

According to research it indicates that cats -both owned and feral-consume approximately 981 species of birds, 463 species of mammals, 431 species of reptiles, 119 species of insects, and 57 species of amphibians. Surprisingly, cats also consume animals that have already died.

2000 species eaten by cat over worldwide

Responsible Ownership and Mitigation

While cats can be beneficial in controlling insects, responsible pet ownership is crucial to mitigate their impact on endangered species. The study emphasizes the need for strategies to address the challenge posed by feral cat populations, ultimately safeguarding global biodiversity.

In conclusion

The study calls attention to the ecological consequences of domestic cats and urges a collective effort to balance the companionship of these pets with the preservation of our planet’s diverse ecosystems.

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