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Welcome to our new post in this post, we talk about the $1 million won by Michigan woman in lottery. Johannesburg resident Bonnie Higgins, who lives approximately 12 miles southwest of Johannesburg near the Gellord Shell gas station, found luck in a different lottery game after her favorite game was sold out. She purchased a ticket for Cashword Times 20, a winning move that led her to a $1 million jackpot.

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Higgins had initially planned to buy four daily tickets at the gas station. However, when she approached the counter, she asked for tickets worth $100, $200, or $500, only to find they were out of stock. In a spontaneous decision, she opted for a Cashword Times 20 ticket instead.

Recounting the moment of revelation, Higgins shared, “I scratched the barcode and scanned the ticket three times. I kept getting a message to claim at the lottery office, so I assumed their scanner was malfunctioning and went to my car to scan it on the lottery app.”

Higgins was greeted with a message on the confirmation screen declaring her the winner of $1 million.

Upon scanning the ticket, Higgins was greeted with a message on the confirmation screen declaring her the winner of $1 million.

Excitedly, she said, “I went back to the store to show the clerk, and everyone in the store was very enthusiastic. Everywhere I go now, people stop to congratulate me. It’s a crazy and thrilling experience.”

After visiting the Michigan Lottery headquarters on Tuesday, Higgins claimed her prize of $634,000 as a lump sum. She mentioned plans to invest in Alaska.

What does Cashword Times 20 mean?

Cashword Times 20, a popular lottery game launched in September 2022, has awarded players with over $77 million in prizes. In this game it offers a players a best chance to win the different kinds of prizes ranging from $20 to $1 million for each $20 ticket.

Odds of Winning Cashword Times 20

According to overall odds, the likelihood of winning is 1 in 3.28.

There are still prizes exceeding $19 million, including a grand prize of $1 million, 16 prizes of $5,000, and 217 prizes of $1,000.

Higgins was greeted with a message on the confirmation screen declaring

From where you can Buy Lottery Tickets?

Lottery tickets can be purchased individually at gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores. Some airport terminals also sell lottery tickets.

Residents in specific U.S. states can order tickets online through the official digital lottery courier, Jackpocket. These states include Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Washington D.C.,Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota,, and West Virginia. The Jackpocket app allows users to choose their lottery game and numbers, place orders, view tickets, and collect winnings using their phone or home computer.

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